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John Parr

In the field of human behaviour many consultants have knowledge of the models and skills as presenters, but do we incorporate the knowledge in the way we live our lives? I believe that to be a convincing trainer, coach or consultant, it is essential to teach by example. Professionals who apply their material to themselves don’t only deliver information but inspire their clients to transform their behaviour by applying what they have learned to themselves. Therefore, by transforming their own behaviour, they become role models. This in turn will impact the culture of the companies they work for.

John Parr

Name: John Parr

Country: United Kingdom Romania,

Language: English


PCM & PTM Certifying Master Trainer, Certified Transactional Analyst. Specializes in designing tailor-made training solutions for companies. Has served on many international committees, past Chair of the ITA, Past Vice-President of the ITAA and a co-Chair of ITAA Ethics Committee. Founder of Transactional Analysis Community in Romania, the author the latest PCM book «Parlez-vous Personality».

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